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July 27th, 2008


I had this joke on the back burner for almost a year, since I did the Beauty and the Beast gags. That’s why the Beast appears as the Ghost Headed Man. But I couldn’t figure out the final few panels. I wrote a whole bunch of other funny tattoo things but none were strong enough for the end panel. Now I think this is one my favourite strips, because it is so weird to me. Also, any time I can create a Poochie-like character, it’s a good time.

Here are a few Poochied out characters from some “juice” like drinks I found at a pharmacy:

Sunglasses, leather jacket and guitar? – Totally rockin’! Safety helmet hockey player? -Should play in Canada, I guess. Dorky strawberry playing video game with controller that looks like it’s from 1981? – Priceless!

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Juli

    I love that the movie is The Ghost Headed Man! And the return of the Min-Wage Ogre.

  2. Varkarrus

    I remember those godawful drinks… Barely. They’re embarrassing.
    I barely remember the fact that I drank a lot of them, yet still hated them.

  3. admin

    Varkarrus – was it like drinking melted freezie pops?

  4. Emma

    When I went to Florida, I ordered fruit punch because I though it would be a mix of orange juice apple juice etc. I got this terrible melted freezy stuff

  5. Finn MacCool

    the picture links are broken.

  6. Matt J

    “Hey kids! I’m Johnny Orange, and I’m here to ROCK YOUR FACE OFF with VITAMIN C!”