Pet Origami
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August 10th, 2008

Pet Origami

When I was a kid I decided to try Origami. I made a crane at school and it was fun. My parents bought me a book and ream of coloured square paper to make stuff with. I could manage the first few things like a red Samurai hat and a cyan lobster, but the really complex stuff was just super frustrating. I’m not very precise with my paper folding lines. Some how I manage to be off by just enough each time to cumulatively mess it up by the end.

I even remember in art college I was drawing the model and measuring every part of the body fairly meticulously. Somehow the drawing ended up being really out of proportion but even when the teacher and fellow students measured each part individually it was so close that they couldn’t figure out where I went wrong. But now I just accept I have an “organic” style. Precision is for brain surgery and missile defense.

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Stanley Lui

    Well that’s what they say about drawing things like the sun and moon, right? That if you draw it accurately, it looks wrong, so you have to draw the sun/moon larger than it should be. There’s a comparable effect when drawing heads in superhero comics, hence all the pinheads.

  2. admin

    Stanley, are you saying Superhero comics are full of pinheads? I thought they were more jerkwads, not pinheads. 😛

  3. Omega

    I wonder what kind of tricks Scissors can do.

  4. Emma

    Probably nothing, I’m pretty sure that’s Patricia steaming in the back of the first panel

  5. Steve

    That steams reasonable.