Weird Signage

So, the other day I was passing a lunch shop and noticed something on their sign that perplexed me.


What is a Hot Sea Leg Sandwich? Is this like a Club or a Rueben or something that everyone knows about but I’ve just missed it somehow? Is it crab’s legs? Surf and turf? Pirate peg leg on a panini?

While I’m on the topic, I might as well share a few more of my favourite signs I’ve found around town. This convenience store also has a sign proclaiming Coffee Sandwich. Mmmm.


This store sets you up for low expectations and then is pleasantly surprising. It’s really 1.5 Stars at least.


This place is closed now, but the guy who was working outside the shop couldn’t tell me what this critter was suppoesd to be. He just tittered with awkward laughter and said “It’s not what you think…”


2 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Hef

    The college grill critter looks like a condom with a yeast infection.

  2. admin

    Or a mushroom. Or a cooked squid. But it’s not. It’s a Chef’s Hat. Yup, it’s a hat, wearing a hat!