More Dollar Bin Finds

People seemed to enjoy my most recent dollar bin finds, so I’m going to post a few more I’ve collected over the last few years…


The cover was missing off of this one, but Batman and Robin in medieval times vs a Giant? How woudl I go wrong?


They made this one into a movie starring Martin Lawrence I think.


Yup, it’s a video game clearly drawn by someone who’s never played a video game before. What are with the light globes on the sides? Charles Nelson Reiley’s makeup mirror? Also, how bad a video game is it when your joystick only allows left and right movement?


And Conan was also into cashing in on a fad. Here he fights a creature made of disco balls!


Red Sonja vs three entombed vampires is pretty cool but the addition of their controller, a man with a mask of deadly pink flowers, really sells it! (actually it was pretty creepy in the story).


Yes, I have a Giant-Sized Man Thing! Also: barbarians! awesome.


And how could I not love this one? The Manotaur? Sounds like something Princess Christi should have as a pet, doesn’t it? It’s like a centaur but with bull parts.