Dollar Bin Finder’s Weepers

Here’s another batch of some of my favourite old comics I’ve found in the dollar bins.


Romance comics are always so bad and hard to read but I keep buying them because of the fanatstic art. In fact I think all of the original comic art I own is from Romance books.  Tom Williams was kind enough to send me a page from the romantic comedy graphic novel we did together, No Dead Time. My awesome friend J Bone was also great enough to give me a couple of pieces. One is the first page of a Spider-Man book he did with Darwyn Cooke set on Valentine’s Day and the other is a cover to an issue of Three Days In Europe another Oni Press romantic comedy. And in San Diego last year I got a couple pages by an unknown artist from Secret Hearts.


The cover already has enough amazing text. I can’t add anything more to it.


I got a couple issues of this for gifts, but since this if the one where they visit a princess in a castle I had to keep it.


Spider-Man was like the Missy Elliot of comics. He’d team up with anyone. Even sketch comedians. Spidey even had his own book for cross promoting every month.


But some times he’d guest star in comics for licenses of sit coms that I loved in middle school but were cancelled faster than a spider-sense could tingle.


This must be where Tarantino got his Kill Bill jump suit from. Right? Huh?


Super Cops is my favourite all time find. The book was hilarious. I couldn’t believe it was based on a movie by Shaft director, Gordon Parks, that was based on two real guys. They had an add for the Super Cops wrist watch you could order. I bet those are real collector’s items now. The last story in the book is done by one of my favourite artists, Frank Thorne, who kicked butt drawing Red Sonja for many issues.  A couple months ago a friend of a friend had a secret screening of this film that’s not available on DVD and maybe not even VHS. It was so amazing. It was like Serpico except it was totally entertaining instead of deadly boring.


I think that’s Mike D on the right?

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  1. Jai

    Yep. Still love these. Amazing stuff!