Flag 1
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April 2nd, 2006

Flag 1

For this joke I face multi-scorn.

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. aeonsama

    This joke makes me feel for-corn.

  2. Tamfang

    You know, a royal shield isn’t required to have an animal. (Of those that did, it was usually a lion.) I doubt anyone dissed the kings of Aragon for having nothing but stripes.

  3. Froggy

    I actually like the tunacorn.

    I’ve always loved dragons on my coats of arms, myself. My families is somewhat original- are there snow leopards in Scotland?

  4. Mary Tee

    The unicorn often represents Jesus.
    No lie.

  5. Alice Quinn

    Corn corn, she is so grasping at straws
    I love bad puns they make me laugh harder, for they remind me of my old man
    Tuna-corn is my favorite too, I think I will adopt that crest & brand everything I own with that. I will have a tuna-corn stamp in my pocket & tag random things with it…. maybe I should get some sleep

  6. admin

    Tamfang – yeah, I had a punch of geometric flags earlier, with ones based on more modern flags, like Canapan and Japanada.

    Froggy – There are as many snow leopards in scottland as there are dragons, I think.

    Alice – Don’t keep tuna and corn in your pocket. It will smell bad.