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March 26th, 2006


I actually had to look on the net to find some “car speak” since I’ve never even had a driver’s license. My car is a subway car. City life is good to me.

4 Awesomes Comments!

  1. DSil

    Haha, Economicon. That rules.

  2. Llama118

    I realize I’m about five years late…
    Okay I looked at the date and I’m four years eleven months late WOW I rock
    There’s a game called Borderlands, released 2009ish, with a powerful enemy called the Tankenstein. If you ever feel like springing out of the shadows with a lawsuit… just remember all the friends that helped you out along the way, eh buddy?
    Found you through tx, love the comic so far!

  3. admin

    DSil – Thanks!

    Llama118 – Great minds think alike. I know I’ve used jokes that have turned out to have been used by other people. Since tanks and Frankenstein have existed for so long, I’d be surprised if more people hadn’t used it too.

  4. stjerne

    I completely understand about using the train. As an adult I have tried to avoid having a car and a driver’s license but I live in Arizona and it is pretty difficult to travel miles on foot without looking homeless. In addition, people think you are slow if you do not drive. Sad but true, the same for California or Texas. There are two Western States you can get away with not driving in Washington or Oregon but even those require you to have a bicycle in order to get around.