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April 3rd, 2006

Flag 2

This guy was inspired by a guy from a 70s catalogue I have on a postcard. He just looked so hilarious. He’s become my way of getting away with a bad joke. As long as the strip ends with him being punished for the bad joke, it’s okay!

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  1. Galenthias

    Durr.. me no understand great joke. Me lack proper upbringing in English-speaking pop culture. What make funny in “horse of a different color”?

    Or is it something about “a rose of any other name”? Or maybe “he took away the ‘uni’ which does not reference horse color, and replaced it with ‘maroon’ which does not refernce the horn”? Guh, me overthinking things. Me should just look at pretty pictures. It very nice maroonicorn picture. 🙂

  2. DSil

    Er… why did they take his shirt off before throwing him in the dungeon?

  3. aeonsama

    Because his shirt was dry clean only.

  4. Verbal Titration

    I just started reading this comic, because it was linked to Charles Christopher.

    Great work. And if this is a Wizard of Oz reference, then yay.

    If not, then I really need to stop watching that movie.

  5. admin

    It’s not an Oz reference. I had never seen the movie until 2007. It was a long standing source of “What, really? You’ve never seen it? You have to see it!” comments from many, many people. Turns out I waited to long to see it. If I’d seen it as a kid maybe I would have liked it more, but as an adult I found Dorothy way too irritating. The costuming and sets were fantastic though!

  6. littlebeast

    @galenthias: “Horse of a different color” is another idiom. I don’t recall what it means at the moment.

  7. The MunchKING

    It means “something totally different from what we were just talking about”. The Wizard of Oz example was “I want to see the Wizard.”
    “Nobody sees the wizard.”
    “I’m Dorthy.”
    “The Witch’s Dorthy? Well that’s a Horse of a different color.”

    Thus “Oh you’re a VIP?? That’s completly different.”

    I’ve heard used in the same context lots of times, but that’s the only time in a movie.

  8. Diana

    I’m many years late to the conversation, but there’s a pretty famous philosophical statement (in China, at least) that a white horse is not a horse.

  9. hyrral

    I suppose it’s better than a Moronicon

  10. hyrral

    I meant Moronicorn

  11. stjerne

    I love the ascot the guy is wearing it does fit with a 70’s vibe.