Villain Party
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February 17th, 2013

Villain Party

I think a deep dish quiche-pizza combination is a bit redundant, because quiche are deep dish by nature. At least compared to pizza they are. But I felt quiche-za didn’t communicate it clearly enough. There’s a lot of things us cartoonists do to try to make things clearer, even if they are dumb. Like how almost all cartoon cheese is Swiss cheese. A white or orange square doesn’t “read” as cheese. A wedge looks more like cheese, but there’s almost no other food with lots of random holes through it. So Swiss cheese is easily the most “cheese” looking of the cheeses. And as a kid I never understood why garbage apples still had the tops and bottom, but the fairly inedible core had been chomped on. Like cheese, an eaten apple is kind of just a lump. It needs apple parts to quickly and easily look like fruit. So, what kind of examples can you think of?

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  1. tudza

    Grocery bag with the baguette sticking out?

    This reminds me of another web comic artist complaining that phones just look like little rectangles now.

  2. RavenBlack

    I think garbage apples are about how an apple ends up – I certainly never eat the last bit near the stalk and stump, and there are bits about a third of the way up/down that are less ‘corey’ than the center. Though I guess it depends on the specific garbage apple – sometimes they’re fat at the top, bottom and middle with narrows in between, which is accurate, but you’re right, sometimes they just keep getting narrower to the middle, which is silly.

    Superhero (especially female) waists!

  3. ColdFusion

    You think about a lot of the same things I do..
    also phones.. phones became just square lumps of plastic with removable wireless handsets, but cartoon phones still had the old recognizable handset..
    it also sort of ties into how black people are always a lighter shade in cartoons so the outlines are visible.. and dark-muddy-green animals like crocodiles get painted bright grass green.. really lots of animals are camouflaged to their usual surroundings, and that’s not good for a drawing
    i think the hyphen makes it look better, I was like.. ‘kwicheza?” or maybe spelling it ‘quichezza’.. i dunno.

  4. admin

    tudza – Grocery baguette is a great choice! Also, luckily I don’t have to use modern phones on Princess Planet. Phew!

    RavenBlack – I like the apple bits around the stem.

    ColdFusion – I think you’re right, Quichezza would have been better.

  5. Andorxor

    When i am finished with eating a apple nothing is left,except the seeds

  6. Steve

    I would make a joke about Swiss, but it would be too cheesy. Not a visual thing, but drunkards going “hic”. There’s even a TVTropes page on it, Alcohol Hic, if anyone is willing to enter the inescapable TVTropes black hole.