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February 10th, 2013

Pets Aquarium

My friend had a DAREDEVIL poster on his wall and one of his guests asked “Who’s Dared Evil?” I didn’t think I’d top that name for a daredevil stuntman character, but then lightning struck in a jar.

The book the whale is reading is Waiting For Godot, which I think is the prequel to Waiting For Gobot. For those too young to know, Gobots were like Transformers except instead of changing from a vehicle into a robot, it was more like a car with a face on the bottom that you turned over. They were significantly cheaper in both senses of the word. On the Gobot cartoon series, to save on animation costs, the time it took for the vehicles to changes into robots was about twice as long as it would take you to actually transform the toy. Fans of Transformers will know this is the exact opposite of that show, which would transform complex machines in the fraction a second or two with an awesome sound effect. If you tried to do that when you changed your transformer, you’d be making the very, very extended version of that sound effect. You probably would run out of saliva and need to go get a glass of water part way through. Especially if you were converting Omega Supreme.

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  1. Proteus

    Psst… I think it should be “given up on one-upping”

  2. ColdFusion

    Dared Evil.. that’s a good one
    every time I see the sign for the menswear section I make sure to audibly read “men.. swear.. they sure do!”

  3. RavenBlack

    @ColdFusion – I always thought that was a directive. “Men, swear? Well, if I must! @#*$!”

  4. admin

    Proteus – thanks! Fixed!

    ColdFusion – You mean like oaths, right?

    RavenBlack – Hope you don’t mind the edit.

  5. Liza

    What? I just caught up? …I guess I got so caught up in reading these catchy comics I didn’t notice how close I was to the end!

  6. BMunro

    You know, Liza, I had exactly the same experience? I was like “waaaait…I musta skipped to the end or something!”. But no, no more archives. 🙁

  7. RavenBlack

    @Admin – the edit is fine. I did deliberately pick a “TV-allows-it” swear to avoid being offensive, but making it swearmarks makes even more sense. 🙂

  8. Lars

    “would run out of saliva.” – LOL.

  9. Steve

    I think you could call a stuntman who makes mistakes an errdevil.