Epic Sail – part 33
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October 21st, 2012

Epic Sail – part 33

I was going to end the comic with a fish flopping around on dry land, but then I figured that was the easy joke, and a flawed comparison. Also, drawing the Gorilla Gang again is always a bonus.

8 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Llama118

    “hand over”?
    don’t you mean…
    “shell out”?

  2. dexitroboper

    The Gorilla Gang aren’t bad guys, they just want everyone to be unshellfish.

  3. admin

    You guys are awesome! Nice punning!

  4. reynard61

    All they want are a few sQuid…

    (Our friends across The Pond ought to get that one.)

  5. Hoppy

    If the octopus doesn’t have any sQuid to give ’em, I’m sure they’d be happy to lend him a few Pounds.

  6. admin


  7. lightbulb

    They’re only looking to “borrow” a few clams; it’s not like their trying to mussel in on somebody else’s surf, I mean turf.

  8. Steve

    It would have been easier to just con the octopus out of his stuff. He is quite a sucker. Also, you should have had brightly colored hue manatees.