Monster Manual Monday – R Roper

Have you ever seen that Monty Python skit where Mr. Smoketoomuch has a joke made about his name and he is pleasantly surprised by it? It’s a sarcastic way to portray the way that some people all make the same joke upon encountering the same person. I wonder if Eric Idle or John Cheese (who took the name John Cleese as a stage name) were the one who wrote that skit. They must have had tons of people meeting them and making the same joke, thinking they were the first. Anyway, everyone in my general age range, who sees there’s a monster called the Roper, thinks of the landlords from the early seasons of Three’s Company, a classic 70’s sitcom.

Roper monster from Dungeons and Dragons

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  1. mdf

    Nice description.

    And to continue the Three’s Company analogy, ropers are always waiting for you.