Monster Manual Monday – Q Quasit

Quasits are little helpers for warlocks, like how witches sometimes have black cats. Except they can carry things a little better. Little things anyway.

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. mdf

    So, your Quite Friendly Unicorn was just a bluff, after all!

    You got me. 😉

    For some bizarre reason, I imagine he’s singing “Happy Birthday”.

  2. admin

    mdf – It’s probably because in non-sword&sorcery times, that’s one of the few times we use candles. Of course, that shouldn’t stop us from making jokes about what kind of cake an evil wizard might receive. Devil’s food cake?

  3. mdf

    I think you’re right about the use of candles. The only other time is for blackouts, and mood lighting. I also thought he looked kind of happy, but since quasits, like imps, are intended to help their masters do Bad Things, he’s probably excited about helping to do something evil. 😉

    And yes, Devil’s Food cake is probably one cake an evil wizard would recieve. Black Forest possibly being another.

  4. admin

    mdf – Black Forest? Good call!

  5. Lars

    How about terrormisu?!

  6. admin

    Lars – excellent choice!