Monster Manual Monday – L Lich

Perhaps the most striking image from the 1st edition Monster Manual, to me, was the Lich. Maybe that’s why I made Speleton a bad guy in Princess Planet. Here I covered his bones with magic runes, which I think would make a magician skeleton look all the cooler. The addition of fur to his robes was due to the Ice Age set of Magic cards where the villain was a lich called Lim-Dul. They never put him on the cards, but I imagined he’s cover himself with fur robes, even if he had no warm blood to chill.

2 Awesomes Comments!

  1. nemryn

    Actually, they did make a Lim-Dul card! It’s not really clear what he’s wearing, though:

  2. admin

    Nemryn, thanks for the update! Maybe I was wrong and just assumed Lim Dul was a lich. Maybe he was just a necromancer?