Boo vs Vampire/Werewolf part 1
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December 11th, 2011

Boo vs Vampire/Werewolf part 1

This week start a very brief (3 week) storyline for Boo. I’m not sure why vampires keep showing up in this restaurant, especially when its got garlic in the kitchen. Maybe they like the idea of feeding on people who are feeding? Or they go for the ambiance? Or to be seen? My wife has turned me into a bit of a foody. We eat from home for most meals so we can afford to go out to a slightly fancy place and try lamb ragu or lemon ricotta pancakes. Any other foodies out there?

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  1. Golux

    Heh, as Sgt. Angua over in Anhk-Morpork, Discworld can tell her, this is one of the least of the problems. Now you have to worry about special shampoo, overwhelming smells and keeping clothing caches around for those days a surprise change comes on.

  2. Hoppy

    I’m not really a “Foodie”, since my palate is limited to somewhat bland things without much spice in them. All due to a horrible childhood experience involving a garden, a meat grinder, my father and a pig. However, I *do* like trying new things. Native American Frybread with ramps and cheese is awesome. (Ramps are a type of wild onion,btw.)

    I think that Werepire (Wolvamp? Vamwolf?) is going to be SSOOO sorry for making Boo take so long to do her hair.

  3. admin

    Golux – I never read Discworld, but Boo isn’t going to put up with this long enough to need to get shampoos. She doesn’t take any guff, or lycanthropy.

    Hoppy – I’ve never had Frybread. I’ll have to look for it. I also don’t care for very spicy food, but have enjoyed my exploration of French, Canadian, Italian, Greek, etc. cuisine.

  4. Hoppy

    Try going to a Native American Powwow sometime. Shouldn’t be too hard to find one, just check local events calendars. They often get listed there around major holidays, especially Memorial Day and other summer holidays. Good food, dancing, music, crafts for sale, tons of friendly people. Deffinitely worth going at least once. 🙂

  5. Steve

    I think the vampires go there because of the ambiance. It is intended to help people enjoy their food, and it should still work even if that food is terrified humans.