Boo vs Vampire
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December 4th, 2011

Boo vs Vampire

A lot of those gothic Vampire: The Masquerade-style vampires seemed to have elaborate eye makeup. I imagine they all do each other’s makeup at slumber parties or something.

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Hoppy

    I used to play that game. My fave charachter was a Tremere vampire mage that used high-tech cosmetic implants to make him look like a rich wierdo that was trying to look and act like a vampire. Hiding-in-plain-sight, kinda thing. But, as you so cogently noted, he was also constantly worried about his appearance, because he could never see himself. 😀

  2. Golux

    Now that’s just cruel; and funny at the same time! Poor guy has no way to check the veracity of any insult about his looks, ever.

  3. Alice Quinn

    Instant favourite!!!

  4. Lightbulb

    At least he got out of it alive. Remember that other vampire she killed twice? The one that used to be a vase?

  5. YonYonYon

    That’s why they have Igors! Or human slaves. Or that’s why they romance mortal girls.

  6. Steve

    Maybe they can see the makeup floating in the air and just have to hope that they have the whole thing in the right spot.