Rock Ness Mess part 7
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July 24th, 2011

Rock Ness Mess part 7

When I was in Kindergarten I asked one of the older kids at the school where he was from. He told me “Barfafart”. I asked where that was. He told me to ask my mom. So I did. “Mom, where’s Barfafart?” She was rightly puzzled but drew the story out of me and got a laugh out of it. She told me to tell them that she said she was from Barfafart too. She was pretty awesome.

I’ve been playing the Dragon Age video games lately and have really enjoyed the design work on that world’s costumes. Inspired by them, I wanted to give the gnomes of Rock Ness a unique look. I was thinking about all the cool gemstones I’ve seen at museums. My wife’s a geology nut and loves looking at all the organic crystalline formations. In addition to the fun gemstones I also wanted to give them a unique hair look. The matching moustache and eyebrow connection was a fun doodling brainstorm. I have yet to figure out what a female gnome looks like though.

Here’s a couple of Dragon Age 2 inspired pieces of fan art I did. I’ve found the game to be a fun mature game with lots of non-black and white decisions to be made. There is no light side and dark side like in Star Wars. In the multiple conflicts neither side is without blemishes or benevolence.

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Jackson

    “Thievesdrop” is an excellent portmanteau.

  2. Ribusprissin

    Female gnomes don’t have eyebrows. How creepy.

  3. ColdFusion

    I bet they make fun of others’ moustaches and eyebrows..

  4. admin

    Thanks, Jackson!

    Ribuprissin – that might not be a bad idea!

    ColdFusion – I think you’re right. Barfafart and Rumblestilskin totally seem like that kind of jerk.

  5. PhilosopherZurg

    I actually assumed the pink one was a girl! Maybe they’re like (some kinds of) dwarves- the female gnomes have moustaches just like female dwarves have beards?

  6. admin

    Zurg – pink used to be thought of as a manly colour.