The Secret Saturdays

My cartoonist friend Jay Stephens made an awesome cartoon show called The Secret Saturdays about a monster-hunting family. Actually, they’re cryptid hunters. Cryptids are monsters that supposedly exist in our world, like Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster. I only recently finished watching the now cancelled series. It blew me away with the awesome things they did with the characters over two seasons. There was a lot of growth and surprises while having a satisfying freak-of-the-week story for each episode. If you haven’t seen it, you should give it a shot, and by “shot” I mean several episodes because the larger storyline elements don’t become apparent right away.

The above image is from the Secret Saturdays’ comic that DC put out. I don’t actually own any of these comics yet, but I did buy the original art of this cover from Jay at TCAF last year. It hangs on the wall of my studio, above my monitor. I’m looking forward to tracking down these comics.

The other reason I bring up the Saturdays is that it was about a year ago that I realized that the mother character, Drew Saturday, actually looks a lot like Princess Christi. Jay and I were working on our projects in isolation from each other and don’t believe either of us was influenced by the other, but it’s weird the similar wavelength we were on. Black and orange jumpsuits with white blonde hair? Jay and I used to have our comics (Oddville and Princess Planet) run in the Toronto Star’s kid section so maybe some of osmosis worked its magic?