Arcaned Machine 3
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December 5th, 2010

Arcaned Machine 3

My brother and I (with help from my mom and dad for the teeth, especially) made this snowdragon in our yard when we were wee tykes. I never actually used carrots, coal, corncob pipes or clothes to decorate my snowmen. Have any of you used them? Have you built anything cool out of snow?

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  1. Ribusprissin

    Christie looks kind of like Farra with that hair.
    and in Portland we never get enough snow to build anything cool out of.

  2. ColdFusion

    who has spare carrots and coal to ruin? not i.. hehe.

  3. Fat Sweaty

    Snow-polar bears at the cottage every year that the lake is frozen for New Years. We usually use beer caps for eyes and add a scarf or hat. We’ve made snow-men as well. Hmmm, maybe this year we should have a polar bear eating a snow-man. Or a shark breaking through the ice! If so, I’ll submit a photo to “Admin” for posting.

  4. Kim

    Last year there was so much snow in New Jersey my friends and I built a real authentic igloo that fit 7 people and one small dog comfortably inside. Then we stuck icicles all over it and called it the BATTLE DOME.

  5. admin

    Ribuprissin – She does have a bit of a Farrah look to her. You’ve discovered my weakness, that a lot of my character look the same if I give them different hair cuts. At least Farrah still has a rounder nose and bangs to keep them a bit different

    ColdFusion – exactly!

    Fat Sweaty – polar bear? Why am I not surprised? I am looking forward to the photo!

    Kim – awesome. Did you do battle? Did you sell the idea to American Gladiators?

  6. Hoppy

    My fave thing to build was Snow Forts. We’d make 2 of them about 20 or 30 ft apart, facing each other, and then have snowball wars. Once, after the war, we built snowmen standing in each fort with branches for arms, to which we stuck big snowballs, making them look like they were ready to throw them at each other.

  7. Dingo

    My parents’ house has these big windows that start at ground level, and when we’d get a lot of snow (It’s Minnesota so read as “every winter”), there’d be these huge drifts up against them. My little brother and I would tunnel through them, so it looked like a kid-sized ant farm from inside the house.

  8. Steve

    When I first saw the last panel, I though he was growing carrot spines everywhere, then I realized that he was just losing his teeth.