Arcaned Machine 2
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November 28th, 2010

Arcaned Machine 2

Seriously. Horses are hard to draw. Especially for us city boys who have barely even seen real horses. I was thankful that I finally got to ride one last year on a trip to Mexico. However as the dimness in the photo below shows, it started to rain almost immediately after getting on the horses and we had to wait out the worst of the storm in an abandoned mansion. I never did get a chance to experience a full on gallop.

Also, sprite, get it? I’ve decided to use pixel art for the background of the video game world. I used to draw on my Commodore 64 with a Koala Pad, so going back to drawing pixel art was nostalgic. I used a program called GraphicsGale, a free download, if any of you are interested in trying your own pixel art sometime. I found it pretty easy to learn to use. After drawing The Princess Planet for almost 6 years it’s fun to experiment with different tools and approaches. I hope you can either enjoy or at least endure it.

4 Awesomes Comments!

  1. ColdFusion

    I love pixel art!
    I also love pointing out to people that a unicorn is not a horse.. it’s in the gazelle-antelope family : ) cloven hooves, tufted tail, beard, etc.

  2. Fat Sweaty

    I like Acaned Machines sides. A dragon puking a rainbow on a warrior and the guitar-spaceship with rainbow thrusters and rectangular “laser shots”. I’m hoping for clever names for both at some time, or for different art each week.

    Two cons though, the joysticks are too ouchy (I know that’s the point, it still bugs me) and his tail is not plugged in, so how can he (or she I guess?) be on?? (how do skeletons move with no muscles??)

  3. admin

    Cold Fusion – Yeah, old school unicorns have cloven hooves, a lion’s tail and goat’s beard. Still, not easy to draw.

    Fat Sweaty – It’s a MAGIC machine, so it doesn’t need to be plugged in. Just like calculators and lawnmowers. Glad you dig the video game images. I don’t have any clever names for the games. Feel free to submit your own! Guitar’s Revenge? Breathing Rainbow?

  4. PhilosopherZurg

    An abandoned mansion??? That’s so exciting, I hope you made the most of it!