Shadows of Dooooom! – part 12
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May 23rd, 2010

Shadows of Dooooom! – part 12

The return of Spelleton! Of course an evil undead bad guy is behind the undead shadow menace.

I wonder if people can make crystal ball-oon animals?

One time I impressed a girl by saying something was cerulean blue. She thought boys didn’t pay attention to colours. I had to explain I don’t know girl colours, for makeup or dresses, just paint colours. Like cadmium red, not “dusty rose” or “aubergine”. I guess I also remember a lot from the set of pencil crayons we had as kids. Sky Magenta, Orchard Purple, Poppy Red… they seem kind of arbitrary. Anyway, I loved the process of picking paint colours for my wife’s and my apartment. Our light blue kitchen is “goat’s beard”. Anyone else have awesome named colours they like?

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  1. Weaver

    My bedroom is painted, ‘Buttered Rum’. <3

  2. RavenBlack

    “I wonder if people can make crystal ball-oon animals?”

    I’d rather see someone folding baboon animals. Other than a baboon, obviously, a baboon baboon would be crummy like a balloon snake.

    I like “Atomic Turquoise” from Manic Panic’s hair color names. Mostly what I like in paint color names is when they completely fail to give you any idea what color you’d be looking at. For a fine example, I present Benjamin Moore’s “Sunrise”. Imagine a color you’d associate with a sunrise. I bet it’s not the pale blue color they call Sunrise, here –

  3. Katie

    When my parents were picking colours for the bathroom, I distinctly remember a paint colour called “Chicken Breast”… Needless to say, that is not the colour they chose.

  4. Ribusprissin

    You can throw a voice if you don’t have one?

  5. TPG

    Apparently you can…
    I’ve heard of a pink color being “Melissa’s Bow”. Why her’s specifically, I don’t know. And currently, one half of my mom’s kitchen is “melted butter”. The other half is sage, but that’s a lameish color in comparison to “chicken breast”.

  6. ColdFusion

    wait, what? sky magenta? when.. is teh sky ever magenta? XD

    When I was a kid, I thought it was mag-NE-ta, like Magneto from x-men, whose costume is that color..

  7. admin

    Weaver – Sounds delicious!

    RavenBlack – I always think of sunrise as being orange/red colours like a sunset, but sunrise is really more of a light blue. I’m just not awake early enough most of the time to see the sunrise.

    Kaite – Chicken breast? It’s like they wanted a better word for beige but epic failed.

    Ribuprissin – I think Spelleton was magically silenced so that prevented his voice from coming out, not that he lost his voice. So in my head the logic works. Uh oh, I feel like I’m mediating a D&D rules dispute.

    TPG – Sage? I assume they mean the herb not the old man with a beard who helps you on quests.

    Cold Fusion – Magenta at sunset? Villain-wise, I used to think it was pronounced Mag-net-oh. I had never heard of a mag-nee-toe before. And I used to read Orchid Purple as Orchard Purple thinking it was a plum orchard.

  8. Sam

    nice use of the crystal balloon from a few strips ago. its cool how you bring things back for recurring jokes.

  9. Finn MacCool

    “i scry with my little eye…” – i knew someone must have come up with that before me.

  10. Isaac

    My room has black trim called “Black Magic”.

  11. Maltor Drey

    I didn’t get the crystal balloon pun until I saw Madge scrying with it in this comic.

  12. Him

    A mag-nee-to is a part from old fashioned phones. Yup.

  13. Steve

    My solution here would involve hammers, but then that is my solution to almost any problem. much simpler than outwitting enemies.