Shadows of Dooooom! – part 11
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May 16th, 2010

Shadows of Dooooom! – part 11

You will never hear “black magic marker” again without thinking of evil spells, I hope. They probably have a bonus power of knocking people out with their fumes. Guh. Markers smell like brain pain.

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Rowen

    Pointy noses! Has Smirky ever made it through Madge’s traps before? Did Christi and the gang spoil what could have been? Is he even her type?

    Things we probably won’t get to know in the course of this storyline. You know unless those are things that you plan to tell us in the course of this storyline.

  2. ColdFusion

    It reminds me of when car features are listed.. and if a car has power seats, and they’re black leather.. you might see “black power leather seatS” making me wonder if they’re special black panthers edition or what.

  3. Ribusprissin

    I got a black magic marker woman, and she’s trying to make an Olympic sport out of tying me kangaroo down.

  4. admin

    Rowen – Nope. No man has ever made it through Madge’s traps. They’re either too dumb or too smart to bother with the trouble.

    Cold Fusion – Niced.

    Ribuprissin – I don’t get it.

  5. kaet

    Haha, reminds me of Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name– the title character uses black magic markers to cast magic.


  6. admin

    Kaet – Ah. Great minds think alike. I recycled Black Magic Marker from the weapon of choice for an old comic character Dr. Pentegram. She was in a rave themed superhero comic zine I made many moons ago. It was called Fun Fur Force.