Squidragon Quest part 2
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October 25th, 2009

Squidragon Quest part 2

I mean seriously, is having endless heads really a good thing? It sounds like the Hydra must have gotten the genie’s lamp and messed up worse than King Midas. They say two heads are better than one but I don’t think that’s exponentially true. Doesn’t 2000 heads become worse than 1000? Especially if you need to buy them glasses, hats or super cool headbands to keep your hair out of your eyes because you can’t afford that many haircuts.

D’oh! I was just catching up on my Order of the Stick and discovered Rich Burlew already pretty much did this joke. Oh well. Great minds think alike?

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  1. Daniel

    Yeah. That totally happens. I like the 57 Excalibur though.

  2. KNO3

    Not if you make it a hydra head ball…

  3. MDF

    Nice joke.

    Speaking of the genie…any chance she’ll be showing up again sometime in the future?

    I realize her schtick is not something you want to overdo…but I like her as a character.

  4. BlueNight

    Eventually, you’ll end up with a Koosh Hydra.

  5. Lars

    Yeah… and Gastrophobia did a similar exploit-the-hydra-heads joke a while ago too… though come to think of it, he didn’t take the opportunity to say “hydra-Phobia.” Maybe his standards are too high…

  6. j.bone

    Wouldn’t having more heads make a Hydra more likely to EAT itself to death? If it had multiple stomachs I could see it starving.

    I like the panel of Christie leaping!

  7. admin

    MDF- I’ve been writing some stuff for the new year and the genie has a brief but important appearance!

    J. – I don’t think it couldn’t keep up the metabolism of needing to support that many heads. It couldn’t digest fast enough.

  8. Varkarrus

    This jokes also in Order of the stick; they cut off a hydra’s head so much that it gets woozy from blood pressure.

  9. Emma

    I’d say that if you, Order of the Stick and Gastrophobia all did the same joke, it just means you’re in very good company.

  10. ble003

    i thought of the same joke once, except the hydra was in a skyscraper and died by getting too heavy for any of the floors to support.