Princess Planet Contest Round 2!

Get out your pens and pencils and harmonicas and roller disco routines! I’m announcing a The Princess Planet art contest!

What’s the deal?

-Create a piece of art inspired by The Princess Planet. It can be a drawing, a comic, a painting, a video, a song,  a ballet, whatever you want

-Post it in the forum in the contest thread here.

-Wait until Sept 20th when I will announce the a winner which will be judged on how the awesomes it is. That might be by artistic merit but I might won over by earnestness, humour, effort or any other good qualities.

-If you win I will draw you an original piece of Princess Planet art inspired by YOUR art entry! It will be sent by snail mail.

-All the entries will be archived in the fan art section of the website.

Get entering today!