2 Webcomics I'm Digging

Strolling around the internets I found a couple more sweet, sweet, webcomics to share with you.

The first is GastroPhobic by David McGuire, which follows a narritive with an Amazon warrior and her flute playing child going on adventures. It’s cute, funny, full of great character moments, minotaurs,  and sphinxes with bad riddles. If you’re a fan of The Princess Planet, you’ll probably become a fan of this great comic too. Here’s one page from a longer story and then a one page gag.


The other comic is Jay Pott’s World Of Hurt. It’s not all ages, just for old people. It combines the solid art styles of classic newspaper strips (I love me some old Modesty Blaise and James Bond strips) and blaxploitation (I also dig Shaft, Cleopatra Jones and Rudy Ray Moore). Pastor Hurt is the name of the ass kickin’ protagonist, who helps those in a bind, or with a problem with the man. If you’re down with the 70’s vibe, give it a look!

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  1. sdfsdf

    I couldn’t read the text on that WoH strip.