My buddy Darwyn put out a new graphic novel a couple weeks ago. He asked me and the rest of the Toronto crew he left behind for Halifax, to submit a sketch for a contest to promote The Hunter. There was a contest running and he was hoping we’d add some colour to the contributions. Of course I got the email the day before I left for my honeymoon. So now that I’m back I made time to sketch up a drawing of his character Parker. Well, it’s not his character actually. It’s Donald Westlake’s. Darwyn’s adapted a classic crime story about a mean as meat criminal who strikes out for revenge. He’s a real piece of work: Imposing, savage, savvy…  Some of you may have seen this character portrayed in Payback (made much nicer and friendlier than in the books) or Point Blank. Westlake (who’s real name is Richard Stark) wrote the movie the Grifters as well. Anyway, if you enjoy hardboiled detective stories you should give it a look. There’s an extensive free preview here. You can see the rest of the contest drawings on Dar’s blog, which is run by awesome comic shop owner, Cal Johnston (the store is Strange Adventures and you should visit if your ever on the east coast of Canada).

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  1. SusanTheCat

    I’ve met Cal, he’s great! I live in Fredericton and remember when he opened Strange Adventures here.