Grave humour
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July 26th, 2009

Grave humour

I’m thinking about all those old pulp and comic book covers that had things like “How do you kill that which does not live?” and thinking this comic would read “How do you put to sleep that which does not live?” Hopefully not by reading this comic. Zzzzzzzz.

9 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    She’s extraordinarily energetic.

  2. KNO3

    Of corpse she is.

  3. Stanley Lui

    You’re gravely mistaken.

  4. KNO3

    Before we lose our decomposure, let us look at the facts. Boo is in motion in three of the six panels. Is that energetic? Hmm… I don’t know. Perhaps we need a more Rigor-ous analysis.

  5. admin

    Are you saying he got autopsy-turvy?

  6. KNO3

    Yup. Sounds like you are Urn-ing your keep!

  7. Zarquon

    This comic was too cryptic.

  8. KNO3

    A hah! Now I’m dead-sure that the strip’s punchline reached it’s deathtination.

  9. Steve

    You guys are telling tomb many puns.