King vs Ill Flags
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July 5th, 2009

King vs Ill Flags

The lady presenting the armoured willow flag idea is my friend Willow Dawson who shares a studio with a bunch of the other TX guys. She does her own webcomic and drew a great book that was about girls throughout history who had to pretend to be men for one reason or another, No Girls Allowed. I also added my friends Jean and Claudia again. I’m not friends with any skeletons though.

More heraldry from that Dragon piece:

Elf Kingdoms:

Dark Elf Kingdoms:

Thieves’ Guilds:

3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. KNO3

    But… but… but… arms taste good!

  2. Jonathan

    I want an armoire pillow!

  3. Lightbulb

    Why not the armored willow? Wait! does this mean it’s up for grabs?! DIBS! When I start my own kingdom, that will definitely be my flag!