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June 28th, 2009

Anty Flag

I really do like picnics. Eating outside on a nice day is somehow better than eating inside, even though I sunburn like an albino vampire. When I was in elementary or middle school more than one supply teacher came in and said “Are you feeling okay?” and I’d answer “Yeah, why?” and then they’d explain: “Well, you just look really pale, like you’re going to pass out.”

Here’s some more heraldry from the Dragon article I talked about several weeks ago…

Kingdoms of Air:

Kingdoms of Fire:

Kingdoms of Water:

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Golux

    Ruled by a queen. There’s always a snag. And for all the reasons given, it actually was quite a good one.

  2. Lars

    Albino vampire… heh heh.
    I remember having a joke book when I was about 7, and one of the jokes was:
    ‘Why don’t vampires get sunburned at the beach?’
    ‘They only go out at night!’

    Now you’ve got me wondering what an albino vampire would be like. I guess it would have blond hair… that would be different.

    The heraldry is cool. I especially like the water ones. Is there a set for “kingdoms of earth”? Maybe I overlooked it in a previous post.

    Consolation for the king: the ant “queen” doesn’t actually have any authority. Once she has enough worker children, she just sits there and breeds. Down side for the king: there is no king…

  3. KNO3

    A near antastophy I guess…

  4. admin

    Hi Lars, I didn’t do a set for Earth but there is a dwarf section coming in a few weeks that’s pretty close to an earthy themed group. Also: Lestat from the Interview with the Vampire movie I think had blonde hair. One of the characters did anyway.

  5. Emma

    And Twilight vampires have whatever the creator thinks will make teenage fangirls drool. (No offence to Stephanie Meyer; she’s an okay writer, biut why did she have to ruin vampires for the rest of us?)

  6. Steve

    I think the anchor and trident water heraldry for water is the coolest. Most of them are pretty cool though.