Mock Rock Posters

I recently was part of a podcast at Digital Kontent where the guys interviewed us TX creators. You can follow this link to it if you’re over 18. In it, they asked if we could do artwork for any music artists, who would it be? I got thinking about all the famous rock poster people like Coop and Tara McPherson. With the poster wars going on in Toronto, I don’t know if there is anyone making rock posters with that sort of artistic fingerprint on them.  They’re all covered over or ripped down so quickly it’s almost like watching timelapse photography. But would I do? I’d combine them with my love of old comic covers. I took a bit more time with these than the quickly rendered NBA logos and had some good fun with them. I picked some of my favourite bands and tried to imagine what a Japanther, Milkbag Brother, Incredibad and Damone comic books would look like.

Plus here’s a bonus comic!

4 Awesomes Comments!

  1. mo

    these are great! i love the treatment for the date and cost of the event.

    (that boat looks familiar!)

  2. Manale

    I like

  3. j.bone

    I love Incredibad! It’s incredigood!
    And I hadn’t seen the Laarpers cartoon before…hilarious good stuff. Is there a Larping magazine called “Larpers Bizarre”? If not, there should be!

  4. skellington

    more damone PLEASE!!!!!