Christi's Pets' Toothiness
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May 10th, 2009

Christi's Pets' Toothiness

I don’t think that cage looks like it is going to hold a battleaxe tooth-tooth faerie but maybe it’s a special magic one?

My fiance and I took a trip to Niagara Falls last year and visited the aviary and reptile house and got our picture taken with a giant constrictor. Then we left the photo in the Hard Rock Cafe by accident. Once we realized it was gone we were home it was the next day. We phoned and asked if they’d mail it to us. They said yes! Hoorays! It never showed up. Unhoorays. Too bad I don’t have an awesome photo to post with this.

Instead, here are some of my favourite terrible wax statues we found:

This is supposed to be Mr. T

An uncannily bad Christopher Reeve as Superman

Just plain lazy

And how do you mess up cartoon characters this bad?

8 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Jon McNally

    I can’t help but wonder if someone stole Bart (hence the cardboard stand-in).

  2. KNO3

    That means a bow and arrow toothed medusa may be possible.

  3. Delphina

    I think that’s the Lisa Simpson version of a mullet.

  4. michaeljpatrick

    I think that Superman looks a little like Dr. Cox from Scrubs.

  5. KNO3

    Or she might catch the Arsenaldillo!

  6. Tamfang

    A cartoon character’s head typically is only ever shown at a few angles. It’s hard to make a solid model consistent with those views *and* looking good at other angles.

  7. Emma

    My first thought when I saw Superman was “Aargh! He’s going to eat my face and/or soul!”

  8. GTron

    “Ah… carumba”?!? What, were there not enough Canadians on staff to think of “Eh, Carumba”?