Candle Light King
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May 17th, 2009

Candle Light King

The epic poem, The Divine Comedy, features two main characters: Virgil and Dante. I think that they’d make a great crime-fighting team… Virgil and Dante: Together they are Vigilantes! Gustave Dore did an amazing job illustrating the Divine Comedy with engravings, but this would be a weekly television drama featuring Jake Busey and Michael Clarke Duncan kicking butt on the mean streets of Philidelphia. Or New Jersey. Does anyone ever set tv shows there?

7 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Jim

    “Hack” was set in Philly, & starred David Morse and Andre Braugher. Very simplistically, David Morse, former-cop-turned-cabbie, still fights crime during his shift.

    Believable story premise or not, the cinematography was always just stunning. Philly was made to look breath-takingly golden. Lasted two seasons, ’02-’04.

  2. Adam Cuerden

    Nothing like a surprise comment on something you worked on to re-motivate you: I did a lot of the scans of the Divide Comedy for Wikipedia; I really should finish the other 60 I have =)

  3. Derdrom

    Dante may not get much air time, but he does have a new video game coming out. I think Virgil will have to play Luigi to Dante’s Mario.

  4. KNO3

    The princess is not there of course, because she’s looting their unguarded lairs.

  5. Embyr

    Wouldn’t that be funnier if they were the “Virgilantes”?

  6. PhilosopherZurg

    I believe panel three should be ‘representatives’?

  7. PhilosopherZurg

    Also, it’s nice to see the Triclops again.