More Dollar Bin Beauties

Last weekend was the Fan Expo appreciation day in Toronto and I went as a fan to rifle through thousands of terrible comics to find a few gems.

Speaking of gems, how could a Princess Planeteer not pick up a copy of Amethyst?

This is an awesome cover!!! It’s dark and spooky, rammed with skulls and it has a mammoth that apparently had bones in its trunk???

ROM Spaceknight has his thumb sucked by terrifying fish! And by “terrifying” I mean things not scary enought to make it as a Madball.

Seriously? This is what passed for danger in a Supergirl comic? Her costume exposed at a costume party by a mint chocolate chip polka-dot oaf? Did they run out of skelephants and deadly deep sea fish?

They made a lot of movie adaptations but House II? Really? For Serious? I bought this? What am I? Nuts?

The yellow guy fighting Shang Chi looks pretty cool except when he stops moving and those spiked balls in his topknot smash him in the face again.

3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. KNO3

    Wasn’t he bitten by a radioactive orange?

  2. reynard61

    (for mature readers only) Are you, by chance, acquainted with this website? Or this one? If not, you really should check them out. They’re both hilarious…

  3. Jake

    Impressive haul. 🙂 I never saw House 1 or House 2 but I totally had that comic book! I think they were giving it away at my local video store.