Sweet Tooth
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March 8th, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Word to my money!

Originally I had the dragon with a mildly competant kind of funny rhyme (dragon/braggin’/flagon/wagon) but I realized it was better to make him this way, which is either incompetant, or totally adequate but read through the filter of how your grandparents hear rap music. There are heavy metal and rock acts that are inspired by Dungeons & Dragons or Lord of the Rings but I don’t know of any hip hop hobbits. There’s a documentary Nerdcore about nerdy rappers. Maybe I should check it out to discover something along those lines. Anyone have any recommendations for rakshasa rap?

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  1. Matt

    Hey man,

    If you’re interested in some kind of nerdy form of rap, then definitely check out MC Frontalot. So awesome.

  2. Kuushi

    Grandparents? Thats how I hear rap music.

  3. Twinsky

    Flight of the Conchords have a brief rap in their LOTR tribute — pretty amusing.

  4. Jai

    This has nothing to do with rap, but everything to do with space and barbarians. I think you will like it, if you haven’t heard of it already (Which you may not have, it just started):


    Anyway, I hereby dub giant cupcakes “tubcakes”. 🙂

  5. admin

    Matt: I checked out Frontalot and while his rhymes are on point I find his beats are weak. That’s a problem I find with a lot of hip hop unfortunately.

    Kuushi: Oh. I hear it more like “I like unchecked consumerism! I watch out for my cronies/homies, get money at any means necessary, unapologetically”. It’s like CEOs made music!

    Twinksy: The rap is totally the best part of that.

    Jai: I accept your tubcakes! Well declared, man! I’ll have to keep an eye on Space Barbarian and see where it goes. Barbarians are pretty great!

  6. Nemoide

    ytcracker’s Nerdrap Entertainment System is pretty fantastic and also free. If you like NES music, at least.

    As for hip-hop hobbits, there’s The Lords of the Rhymes. But they honestly sound too much like Beastie Boys wanna-be-types for my liking?

  7. Chandler


    Kickin’ hip-hobbit since 2007

  8. admin

    Nemoide: NES is mostly really good. I like it more than most of his other stuff I’ve checked out.

    Chandler: thanks for the head’s up! Dwarfcore is great!

  9. BloodyBun

    The nerdiest Rap ever has to be this:

    LHC – Rap

  10. Zordran


    Lords of the Rhymes–two hobbit rappers sportin’ furry feet.
    NSFW, but interesting in that most of their stuff was done before the LotR movies came out, and so any quotes that they grab are from those two awful movies by Raplh Bakshi/Rankin-Bass.

  11. Nerdy rap groups?

    YOLO Swagings and the fellowship of the bling

  12. Steve

    If a dragon liked all of the things mentioned above, would that make them a candy rapper?