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March 15th, 2009


I don’t think I have anything that could be considered an irrational phobia. I’m not afraid of snakes, or spiders, or balloons, or black magic or other things that aren’t actually going to kill/harm me. Most of my fears are all based around legitimate things, like motor vehicles. I don’t feel comfortable in a car but lots of people die from car accidents every year. Every day even.  Not from the extremely rare Black Widow Convertable mostly found in tropical climates, but from any car, any day. But I ride my bike around the town without too much fear, even though a high percentage of cyclists I know have been hit by cars or wiped out due to poor road conditions. I must be afraid of killing someone else, not my ownself. Or maybe damaging public property? I wonder if eventually grafitti artists will mix with preformace artists and they’ll drive vehicles into walls ripe for spray painting and then scribble their code name in the bottom corner? Voila! Post modern tagging.

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Skipper Pickle



  2. KNO3

    Oh, so he’s just halfdead.

  3. USB

    A grave mistake has so many possibilities.

  4. littlebeast

    Black widows are pretty common where I come from. I was paranoid about all spiders until I learned to identify them. Now I totally don’t care.

  5. Steve

    Did you really half to make so many puns?