Famous People Road Trip

When some people are on long trips, trapped in a vehicle of some sort, they play a game called Geography. I came up with my own nameless game where you have to take the name of a famous person (real or fictional) and add it phonetically to other famous people. For instance we could start with comedian Chris Rock. The next person would add another famous person’s name on the front or the back. Like actor Rock Hudson. So it becomes Chris Rock Hudson. The next person might add one on the front by using Kiss dummer Peter Criss. You can’t use group names, like Kiss or Colombus Blue Jackets though. Only individuals. So you’d now have Peter Criss Rock Hudson. Then, let’s say you don’t know the totally fun heist movie, Hudson Hawk, you might say Sonny Bono and make it Peter Criss Rock HudSonny Bono. This goes on until you can’t add another name on it, or you get sick of the game and go back to telling stories about the time you got suspended from school, got chased by some guys by the railroad tracks or were challenged to a fight by a small one-armed man (you can’t win, because even if you win, you’re a loser!).