Raisin’ Helloween

Andy B threw another haunted Halloween hell house hulaballoo last weekend and last night I enjoyed even more Halloween hijinks. There were candied apples, pumpkin carving, chocolates, cheese and other fun stuff. The part I enjoy least is dressing up but here are some people who really got into the spirit and fun…

Nimrod from the X-Men (my memory failed me at first and I thought it was a GoBot (which is basically a car with a face on the bottom marketed as a Transformer)).


Frye from Futurama:


The Fly and Zombie:


The twins from the Shining:




With Obama


John Saxon from Enter the Dragon and Sarah Palin


Another Palin and Mormon zombie:


The old batman costume gets revamped:


This year’s movie faves:


The Neverending Story’s Childlike Empress and the guy from No Country For Old Men


Van Gogh listening to Van Halen:


Last chance to dress up as a Watchman and be ahead of the curve:


And I dressed up as one of the followers of the Economicon, one of the background characters from my own strip. Lame? Fun? You decide.


10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Jeremy

    Sir, I am sorely disappointed by your lack of knowledge. Batmanuel is a character from “The Tick”.

  2. admin

    Jeremy, did you click on the Batman costume link to see where the original Batman costume came from?

  3. shaeffer

    the dood with the Neverending Story girl is Anton Chigurh, from No Country For Old Men, I believe??

  4. admin

    Yes it is. And even more important it’s Cameron Stewart from Sin Titulo! I’ll fix the post.

  5. Michael Cho

    I thought Cameron was just rocking an emo haircut. 🙂

  6. admin

    Yeah, I thought he was just Arthur!

  7. Michael Cho


  8. Jai

    Best Joker costume ever, especially if it was a dude and he had green(ish) hair under the wig.

    I wore a dog costume. A dog’s costume, to put it more clearly. Every one of those efforts clearly trumps mine, but I had fun.

  9. admin

    Actually the Joker was a lady without green hair. There were lots of Dark Knight jokers on Halloween, both in hospital garb and in regular purple suit.

    Dog costume? Which one? Charles Barks-ley? Robert Hound-send? Woof Blitzer? Mutt Lang?

  10. Jai

    Er, the “dog dressed as bumblebee” one. They were out of the Howl-ey Mandel and Viscount Growl de Chagny costumes.