Glass Slipper
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September 21st, 2008

Glass Slipper

Somewhere along the line I’m sure the old fairy tale of Cinderella made a bit more sense but just like our modern day Hollywood movies, something ended up on the cutting room floor, or the ending was changed after test audiences reacted poorly.

It was nice to bring back Prince Charming, even though I know he’s a character more commonly associated with Sleeping Beauty. But for her to think her story was going to be believed, she was dreaming anyway.

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Maui

    The original version was a fur slipper.
    It was a mix up of the words “vaire” and “varre”, I think, one meaning fur and the other glass.
    Love your comic!

  2. mclxviii

    the original one was in chinese and not russian, smile.

    this one was fulla awesome.

  3. Mardek

    And the prince going around trying on all the ladies’ fur slippers… We can see what that’s supposed to mean…

  4. Maltor Drey

    I hate it when they change the ending like that. Often the one that test audiences reacted poorly too is much better than the one they end up with.

  5. Steve

    I wonder if maybe in the original, the slipper did revert but it still fit the same. That would explain why he would be willing to test people who were clearly too poor to afford slippers made of glass or fur.