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September 28th, 2008


I went to Paris a couple years ago and I didn’t go to the Louvre, because everyone goes to the Louvre. I did, however, go to the Decorative Arts Museum which had all sorts of great items of every day life from the past to proposed future that were designed so well that they were art. One of my favourite rooms was just full of chairs.



They sat there, taunting me, wanting to be used but I couldn’t sit on them… at least these ones. In the connecting room there was a sample of several of the cooler chairs that people could sit in while they watched a video that played scenes from several movies that featured the chairs from the display. I didn’t recognize many, and it was difficult to catch the English names at the end of the presentation to find out what films there were from, but most seemed to be from the 60s which is a period of several of my favourite films like Danger: Diabolik and Modesty Blaise. There’s a great blog, The World Of Kane, that documents the era well for those who are interested.


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  1. Lipi

    Hehe funny. The Gothilocks character reminded me a lot of a norwegian comic character Nemi ( I guess goth look doesn’t really leave much room for variation 🙂