Cyclops Island
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July 6th, 2008

Cyclops Island

Yes! The return of Aubergine Beard! I’m not sure why pirates are so fun. Even before Pirates of the Caribbean was huge, my friends and I were into the salty dogs of the sea. Getting together for fried fish and pirate movies was fun. Muppet Treasure Island and Ice Pirates have been selections since there weren’t too many other pirate movies avialable for rent in the past. The Muppet one was great though. Since then we tried to sit through the recent “Pirates of Treasure Island” but it was too terrible. It comes from the people who brought us “The Da Vinci Treasure” and “Snakes on a Train” (which was slightly more bearable to watch, since it wasn’t butchering a classic story).

Isle Always Love You comes from a map I made for my girlfriend. It featured two landmasses shaped like our heads, kissing. My side was identified as Brian McLachland. Above us was the I’ll Always Love You Isle which my girlfriend liked but had even a better name for. So I’ve snuck in a little reference to our relationship and her help with my comedy stylings. Awww.

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  1. Jackson

    That tiny pirate coming out of his beard really sells the joke. It’s awesome. Also, I can’t help but wonder if all the other islands’ names are similarly misleading and have unexpected explanations behind them…

  2. Khezef

    I love our beloved Princess’ new outfit. Perfect for cruisin and lootin!

  3. admin

    Jackson – I hope your not implying the Isle Always Love You is opposite, or my fiance will be very disappointed! But Pants island totally is misleading. It’s not even shaped like pants. It’s shaped like a heavy duty stapler.

    Khezef – Thanks. It’s her regular swimsuit if you go back to the old pirate strips. It’s very Ursula Andress in Dr. No.

  4. Ash

    I figure that since a person who visits Cyclops Isle leaves as a cyclops, and a person who visits Tiny Person Isle leaves as a tiny person, that a person who visits Isle Always Love You leaves hopelessly and eternally in love with someone or something. Perhaps some sort of over-enthusiastic Cupid types live there?

  5. Grapestain

    Totally not misleading. I actually half stole the name from Piers Anthony. One of the Xanth novels is called Isle of View. But yes, I like when Brian makes reference to our boundless love. Please try to refrain from barfing all over your keyboards.

  6. USB