Madge’s dating tips
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October 14th, 2007

Madge’s dating tips

Since this is a world of Princesses, even the villains I tend to make female. When I went to draw the rogue’s gallery for this strip I realized that there weren’t too many male baddies. This is also partially because I haven’t been doing as many adventure/quest type strips and doing lots of interaction between average people that inhabit the world.

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Dante Wynter

    These are average people?!?

  2. admin

    In context, sure!

  3. USB

    the average person on princess planet has been turned down for a flag design.

  4. Toner

    How do you have a planet full of princesses anyway? just how many monarchy’s are within walking distance of eacother there?

  5. podian

    @Toner: Did you ever read Discworld? There is a region of the Disc called Ramtop mountains. Every valley and gentle slope where a building won’t slide away overnight has its own kingdom. The wars were often waged because one ovf the kings had not enough space to store coal for winter.