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October 7th, 2007


I hemmed and hawed as to whether this was too gross a joke to do for The Princess Planet but eventually I decided it made sense. I’m trying to build up Madge as a jerky character and it just fit when I made her the one pulling the trick (originally I had no idea who this exchange would be between since I tend to think gag first and character second). The name, Magic Madge, was a task in itself. After J Bone did the nice drawing of her I thought “Geez, she really needs a name. She’s becoming more of a recurring character.” I had a lot of other possibles but decided this seemed to fit her alright.

9 Awesomes Comments!

  1. BlueNight

    Ewwww! Oh, I love it!

  2. DSil

    Jeez, she pines for a hunky hero, and this is how she behaves when one finally arrives? Some people.

  3. admin

    Despite what Madge may hope, evil isn’t a faucet that can just be turned off when the cute boys arrive.

  4. Evan Snow

    A sub balloon with “It’s fresh!” with Ginger going “YIP!” would have really pushed this past the edge.

  5. Lars

    Eww. :-p

  6. Varkarrus

    I bet it’s fermented.

  7. Klaske

    I once ate those cookies as a kid. They tasted like overbaked old bread.

  8. Emma

    Dog food is edilbe by humans, but the reason people don’t eat it is because dogs have a stronger sense of smell than taste, so anything that’s designed to appeal to them smells really strong, but doesn’t taste like much

  9. Toner

    makes sense, we basically have the same physical build.