Kung Fu
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July 16th, 2006

Kung Fu

The training sequence in kung fu movies never made too much sense to me. Since more people seem to have seen The Karate Kid than say, th 36 Chambers, I went with that reference. Of course kung fu movie training sequences are still totally awesome – just nonsensical.

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Eli

    My kung fu school emphasizes natural movement and brushing teeth is something that actually gets referenced frequently. Thus, I heart this comic.

  2. DSil

    I always wonder how long kung fu masters wait around with filthy floors and unpainted fences, waiting for some headstrong kid to ask to train under them.

  3. admin

    They’re too busy meditating at that point in life to worry about chores.

  4. xero

    the 2 most famous forms of martial arts were developed by monks and farmers respectively so they used what they already knew and adapted it that’s why most martial arts weapons look like farm tools (cause they were)

  5. admin

    Xero – the two most famous forms? You mean Muay Thaikwando and Ninjitsumo?