Tickle Monster
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July 9th, 2006

Tickle Monster

This comes from when I was playing Dungeons & Dragons and there was this big monster called the Tarrasque that was suppoedly immune or resistant to tons of different forms of magical and mundane attack. But the rule makers didn’t think outside the envelope and tell us whether it was tickish. Or what would happen if we poured black pepper down it’s nose. Or put a circus tent over it’s head and tried to make it think it was night time like you can with a parrot. Or if you could drown it. Invulnerable my butt!

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Varkarrus

    Monty python ref.

  2. Paul

    Yeah Monty Python!

  3. admin

    Mooonty Python!

  4. Kgummy

    No wonder the catapults didn’t work. They were cowtapults.

  5. admin

    Kgummy – have you got beef with that?

  6. littlebeast

    Yeah, I saw that panel and thought, “shouldn’t that be a cat?”