King vs flags again!
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January 23rd, 2005

King vs flags again!

I think this is the only gun, (ray or otherwise) I’ve ever drawn into The Princess Planet. I’m not really big on guns. And even though the ice cream guy appears again later on, I’m not actually a huge ice cream fan either. Although I’ll take an ice cream headache over a gunshot wound any day.

7 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Fat Sweaty

    I noticed the ice cream cone is shooting the same thing that is surrounding the flying brains from a previous comic. Is the ice cream cone shooting thoughts? Are the brains suffering brain freeze? I think those are the only two possible options.

  2. Dewi Morgan

    Is the icecream man’s brain insulated?

    Or does he get the worst brainfreeze ever?

  3. RDS

    The grass eating the glue looks very much like he should be a Sesame Street Muppet. Like Oscar or the Cookie Monster.

  4. Alice Quinn

    I love the ice-cream-thief-with-ray-gun
    I want it on a button!

  5. Proteus

    That’s not a gun, it’s a hairdryer.

    Of course for an icecream cone it would be equally lethal.

  6. Jetflash

    Pantsylvania, Pantsylvania…

    It’s the kingdom of the fancy pants! Hohoho!

  7. Anna

    I thought the same as Proteus – an ice cream cone holding a hair dryer that would be lethal to other ice cream cones is kinda funny.