Return of King vs Flags!
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January 30th, 2005

Return of King vs Flags!

Japan and Canada are cool because their flags aren’t just stripes of colours. When I was a kid and I played Summer Games on my Commodore 64 I used to always be from Brazil because it’s flag looked like it was from outer space of something. I don’t understand why new flags don’t have more of a clip art/logo approach. The USSR gave up a great flag for red, white and blue stripes. Yawn!

3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Required

    Just …uh … transmit-eed? … here. I like your sense of humor. Good work on this strip

  2. Anton Sherwood

    I find it wonderful what a wide variety of designs can be generated with the limited repertoire of heraldic elements. Most old coats of arms don’t “mean” anything, they simply need to be distinctive – and, if possible, graceful.

  3. Jen to the Essa

    my two favourite countries!
    haha your comics are rad 🙂
    Hella funny xx