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And they lived happily ever after!

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Will there be more Princess Planet?
No. But if you enjoyed the series, I’ve made a 12 page pdf, called The Danger of the Dinosorcerer, with a self-contained adventure for Princess Christi and Princess Boo. It’s as pay-what-you-want download (minimum $1 Canadian) of all new material. So, if you want to use it as a tip jar, and give me some money in exchange for the enjoyment you’ve received from the strip, that would be much appreciated. If you just want to buy it to get 72 new panels of Princess Planet, that’s cool too. If you don’t want to pay anything, you’re not missing out on an integral story line or anything.

What else did you do?
I made an ILA-award winning book on making comics Draw Out the Story: 10 Secrets To Creating Your Own Comics

A picture book

And you can find me writing Alex & Charlie comic every month in Owl Magazine.


I want to thank all of the readers who have been involved in making this a fun experience. I really enjoyed the banter we got going. I enjoyed seeing you riddle out the extra gags. I think there was only one troll in the run of the strip. So I want to thank all the commenters, especially those who got into the double digits: Ribuprissin, RavenBlack, ColdFusion, Golux, mdf, Lars, Hoppy, Reynard61, Nonsensicles, Lightbulb, Scarodactyl, Proteus, Alice Quinn, Anonymous, Bok, Anton Sherwood, Blue Night, Daniel, Dante Wynter, Varkarrus, USB, Sam, Kim, The Blonde One, das, littebeast, sirbacon, Emma, Toner, DSil, Aeonsama, Tamfang, Jai, KNO3, Mary Tee, Philosopher Zurg, CatzCradle, and Fat Sweaty. And thanks to everyone who drew Fan Art for the strip: Lars, Daniel, Hambot, and Kathleen! Big up to the people who covered the strip, El Santo at Webcomics Overlook, Alice Quinn at TDot Comics, Hansel Moreno at ReadComicBooks and Jenn at The Dragon podcast. Thank you to the readers who came back to read the strip but didn’t feel the need to comment; the silent majority is much appreciated. A HUGE thank you to everyone who referred a friend and recommended someone else check out the strip. I want to thank my friends and peers for supporting me with encouragement, and guest strips, especially Steven Charles Manale who put up with me calling him for help with punchlines a lot. All the Transmission-X crew. And of course to my amazing wife, who helps me figure out what is funny and what is not. You are all awesome wizaardvark warbarian typhoonicorns!

Green Man art show


If you’re in Toronto this week, you can swing by an art show I’m part of. I was pretty excited to draw this guy because we learned about him in while studying Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. He might have been part of the inspiration for the poem. The show is being put on by the same people who organized the Krampus show a while back.

156 Augusta Avenue, Kensington Market, Toronto

Summer is here – celebrate with your favourite pagan symbol, THE GREEN MAN!
The Green Man is an ancient motif representing the cycle of the seasons, transformation and the rebirth of spring after a long winter. Most often found carved in wood and stone in European gothic cathedrals, he is represented by the face of a man made up of foliage or spewing leaves.

He is enigmatic. He is misunderstood. He is benevolent. He is a primeval archetype. His origins are shrouded in the mists of time…

We’re opening up all three floors of our space to make room for the 40+ artists taking part – YOUR FAVOURITE ARTISTS!

Featuring but not limited to (in alphabetical order):

Kalman Andrasofszky, Matt Barnett, J Bone, Julia Breckenreid, Michael Byers, Johnny Cobalto, Rob Collinet, Jay Dart, Willow Dawson, Mat Den Boer, Katy Dockrill, Rob Elliott, Andrew Foerster, Matt Forsythe, Jessica Fortner, Ron Gervais, Alex Gorodskoy, Clayton Hanmer, Scott Hepburn, Ian Herring, Jen Hsieh, Elaine Hsu, Beatriz Juarez, Jeremy Kai, Jamie Kaiser, Beth Kennedy, Janice Kun, Jason Laudadio, Hyein Lee, Aaron Leighton, Steve Manale, Craig Marshall, Winnie Ma, Steve McArdle, Brian McLachlan, Kagan McLeod, Gillian Newland, Ian Phillips, Jen Prior, Luke Ramsey, Kyle Reed, Pete Ryan, Thom Sevalrud, Ben Shannon, Drew Shannon, Arvydas Slabosevicius, Carey Sookocheff, Chris Stone, Richard Storms, Anthony Swaneveld, Kristen Swanson, Tin Can Forest, Daniel Turner, Emese Ungar, Charlyn Wee, Gordon Wiebe, Carl Wiens, James Wilkes and Steve Wilson!

TCAF 2013 roundup


No surprise that TCAF was super fun again. I sold lots of prints, drew lots of awesome spirit animals, and met lots of great people. As a free library show, it really has a great vibe. By the end of the show, I’ve done so much talking (and yelling over music and crowds at the afterparties) that my voice is a nice, deep, sonorous tone. I should yell more often so I can get a job doing the voice over in truck commercials.




I spent an hour at the Owl table sketching mermaids and monsters for kids and parents.




Then I did a talk on sound effects, BAM!




I was lucky enough to have my friend and Frank Pickle author Eric Wight join me for the presentation. We challenged audience members to give us sound effects to illustrate. My toughest one was Fooshkumi, which I decided was the sound you hear when you summon a genie.


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TCAF 2013


This weekend is the Toronto Comics Art Festival, the free indy comics party/convention at the Toronto Reference Library (789 Yonge St).

Sat, May 11, 9am-5pm/ Sunday May 12, 11am-5pm

I’ll be there sketching, selling prints and comics and even doing a couple talks. On Saturday 1:30-2:15 I’ll be in the Novella Room, explaining Sound Effects with Eric Wight. I’m apparently doing a talk on the professional development Friday too, but I’m still waiting to hear on a time. I’ll also be at the OwlKids table signing from 12:30-1:00 on Saturday. Otherwise you can find me on the main floor. Here’s a sample of some of the images I’ll have as prints.

A mashup of Doctor Who (fourth doctor) and Scooby Doo. It just seems too perfect. The TARDIS is a real Mystery Machine!


And another Doctor Who mashup. Dalek/R2D2, Cyberman/C3Po


Tetra and Link from Zelda: Windwaker


Christi Cookies


Every year we make gingerbread cookies for the holidays. It is way easier to draw with pen and ink than knife and icing. The Snowman’s supposed to be saying “Sever Greens!” as this was the last minute pun I came up with when icing my fir trees.


Merry Christmas 2012


Princess Prints For Sale


I’m selling Princess prints again! I’m trying out a shop on Society 6. I hope they are great. Click HERE to have a look.

Learn to make comics, Tuesdays in October!


Make Some Comics

Are you an artist who wants to tell stories with your pictures? This course will teach you the nuts and bolts of comics. Why do we use panels? How is speed and rhythm controlled? How is comic art different than fine art? All these questions and more will be answered in this four part class.

Sessions will feature slideshow lectures and hands-on exercises to further explore the material. It will preview some of the material from my fall 2013 book on making comics.

Four classes: Tuesdays, October 2nd to the 23rd, 2012
NOOK 156 Augusta Avenue, Toronto
7:00 – 9:00 pm

*Please bring paper, pens, pencils, erasers.

TCAF 2012


TCAF has come and gone for another year. I had amazing time meeting lots of great people and I drew over 100 Awesome Spirit Animals for people over the weekend. I also did a presentation on doing comic and drawing games, with CTON a fellow Owl cartoonist. Here’s a bunch of photo highlights of the festival. BTW, the first spirit animal is my own, and the first several are done for my comic friends and peers.

Monster Manual Monday – Z Zombie


I hope you had fun with the A-Z of D&D Monsters. If I have the time again, maybe I’ll do a Fiend Folio Friday?
Zombie from Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual

TCAF 2012


I’m going to be at the Toronto Comics Art Festival

Saturday May 5 9am-5pm

Sunday May 6 11am-5pm

It’s FREE to get in because its at the 789 Yonge St, Toronto Reference Library

It’s a great event because everyone exhibiting there is either a cartoonist, or a small press publisher. Hooray for comics!


I’ll have some mini-comics for sale, stickers, and I will be doing drawings that will be super fun.  On Saturday at 3pm I’ll be teaching/playing comic games with fellow Owl Magazine cartoonist, CTON in one of the lecture rooms. Come out and say hi!