Welcome to The Princess Planet
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November 13th, 2004

Welcome to The Princess Planet

I made the Octocorn have a droopy head because that’s gotta be a lot of weight. It’s like having an extra skull on its skull. Maybe all unicorns start as octocorns and just get sick of carrying all those horns around?

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  1. doy_ariola

    really funny. i love it. looking for more

  2. redopz

    wait you made the octocorns head droop because of the wait, but the mino-corn is perfectly fine?

    anyway, i loved it!

  3. seafoodpunch

    Haha, that’s hilarious. Cute too. I just wrote an article about unicorns which i thought was funny. But comics are always better, i think. Ayway, nice work…and great ideas!


  4. Claude

    Haha, funny, as always! Great work Brian!

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