About The Princess Planet
The Princess Planet is a world where every girl is a princess and fairy tales mix with space operas. Princess Christi ditches her lavish lifestyle for awesome adventures with her reluctant Snowman companion. She also finds time to hang out with her princess friends and dish about boys or one up each other’s fantastic pets. In contrast to his daughter’s adventures, the King is stuck in his throne room dealing with annoying or stupid people, often suggesting new ideas for his flag (which is currently a pile of grass eating a sandwich). The strip features an ensemble of other characters who pop in and out from week to week.


Started in 2004, The Princess Planet has appeared in magazine, newspaper, and obviously on the internets.



About Brian McLachlan

Similar to the majestic Octocorn (part octopus, part unicorn), Brian McLachlan is part writer, part artist, all cartoonist. Brian’s comics have been in Owl Magazine, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. magazines, Dragon Magazine, The Toronto Star, and Nelson textbooks. Ticket To Space, the graphic novel he wrote and drew for Scholastic Canada, is being used as a reader for grade 6 students. He’s also worked for older audiences including Vice Magazine, Oni Press, Coach House Press, Taddle Creek, and Torontoist. You can learn more on his website.