King Vs Flags: Yak it Up
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June 16th, 2013

King Vs Flags: Yak it Up

After I sent out invitations to my friends and peers to draw guest strips, I started on some flag comics to draw the contributors, and the polite decliners, who had not previously appeared in The Princess Planet. Today we have Julie Faulkner, Brian Evinou, Jason Loo, and Arthur Dela Cruz as flag presenters. There will be a few more of these, and I think a few more guest strips trickling in too. Then a few story strips to wrap things up.

Who’s going to take a shot at identifying the last two flags?

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Andy L

    The one on the left is clearly an Applepotamus.

    Not sure about the one on the right? Some kind of octochicken?

  2. Nonsensicles

    Applepotamus and ducktopus?

  3. Proteus

    Duck-Billed Octopus, I think.

  4. Llama118

    It’s obviously a quacktopus and a hipple

  5. Aethermancer Omega


  6. admin

    Andy and Nonsenciles got the Applepotamus, and Proteus guessed the Duck-Billed Octopus. At least that was my intention. But I like the other suggestions too!